Being able to create a food gift hamper for a diabetic friend or family member is a great way to give them healthy options when celebrating a birthday, anniversary or Christmas. With so many different types of diabetes, there isn’t a one size fits all way of eating for every diabetic, so we use Diabetics UK’s general healthy eating tips – based on the latest research into diabetes and food – to guide our food and drink selections.

These tips can also help you to choose the perfect selection of food and drink in a gift hamper for your diabetic friend and loved one.

    1. Choose healthy carbohydrates
      All carbs affect blood glucose levels so with diabetes it is important to choose healthy sources of carbohydrate like whole grains, pulses and lentils. Organic Wholewheat Couscous is a tasty alternative to pasta, and can be combined with delicious organic sauces.
      Or why not brighten up breakfast with tasty porridge oats. Great served with seasonal fruits.

    2. Get creative
      Reduce salt by choosing cheeses, soups and sauces that are naturally bursting with flavours. Popular gifts include organic passata and pesto sauces.

    3. Reduce sugar the easy way
      Eating less sugars can be really hard, especially when celebrating, so fill your gift hamper with tasty nibbles that are naturally reduced in sugars. Think olives with lemon and oregano, sweet, apple crisps or gourmet, dry roasted nuts.

    4. Add a few treats
      Reduced sugar sweets, baking and chocolate have improved so much recently, they are well worth a go. Belgian chocolatier, Cavalier, has mastered milk, dark and white chocolates that are naturally sweetened with stevia. The no-added sugar Christmas pudding is also delicious.

    5. Don’t forget bubbles
      Alcohol is high in sugars so look for alternatives to enjoy during family dinners and celebrations. An excellent option is Sparkling White Wine, a great alternative to champagne. Or try Breckland Orchard’s no sugar posh pops that can be enjoyed in summer and winter.

      A wicker basket filled with healthy treats suitable for diabetics

      Healthy Treats Hamper FInd out more here

    6. Do it in style
      Have you taken a look at our simple Create Your Own Hamper menu? With over 250+ diabetic friendly food and drinks to choose from, our expert packers at your service and full tracked delivery, it is the easiest way to create the perfect diabetic gift hamper.