We all love the rituals that come with the Christmas season – getting together with family and friends to give gifts, watching classic TV and decorating the tree. Unfortunately, many of these traditions are associated with overindulging, especially on food and drinks laden with refined sugars. It is one of the reasons many of us feel sluggish and unhealthy by January.

The great news is, that with a little planning ahead, you can easily replace these traditions with healthier ones. Here are a few ideas.


Have a good breakfast:

The main event on Christmas Day may be the lunch but by making sure you have a tasty, fulfilling breakfast will stop you picking on sugary foods in the morning. Make breakfast a treat by serving porridge spiced with a sprinkle of cinnamon or sweetened with no sugar added raspberry jam.


Stick to fresh, and naturally sweetened snacks

Fresh oranges as s traditionally stocking fillers are a great family tradition and there are lots of naturally sweetened treats to nibble on throughout the day too. Try chocolates sweetened with plant extract, stevia and raw fruit and nut bars.

Try ‘no added sugar’ varieties but be aware

No added sugar means that no sugar has been added during production. However, there may still be naturally occurring sugar in the food. Be aware of this and ensure you eat no added sugar in moderation too.

No sugar doesn’t mean no Christmas pudding

Finding a good no sugar added Christmas cake is challenging, but small-batch bakers are beginning to come forward with revitalised creations. Anne Hustwit and Hilary Jenkins from Co Durham have revived a traditional recipe to create a version that is succulent, fruity and full of flavour.


And when you’ve found your favourite low sugar and sugar-free tasty treats, share your ideas

Encourage others to share in your sweet success and reduce their sugar intake over Christmas.

Why not gift a healthy hamper filled with low sugar treats? Select a theme, or make your own selection, and it is hand-packed, wrapped in a bow and delivered to the door.

Now that is sweet.