Few things spread happiness as well as chocolate. It is the perfect gift. Even when following a low-sugar food plan. Our gift hamper team’s most recent find is a Belgium chocolatier that crafts dark, milk and white chocolate using a natural sweetener called stevia.

Stevia-sweetened chocolate is a diabetic-friendly option


Stevia in plant and powder form

Stevia in plant and powder form

Stevia comes from the herb stevia rebaudiana (you can even grow it in in your own garden) and is widely used as a sweetener around the world.

Unlike many sugar alternatives, which often still cause glucose spikes, recent studies by Diabetics UK  has shown stevia is a diabetic friendly alternative.

For instance, the effect of steviol glycosides, isolated from stevia rebaudiana in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics was evaluated in a study published in 2008 in the “Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology” journal. The results showed that post-treatment blood glucose levels were not significantly different from baseline measurements in the groups that were given stevia. Additionally, stevia was well tolerated by the subjects and had no side effects. (Taken from Can Diabetics Eat Stevia? By Amber Olson)


Smooth, melt in the mouth and luxuriant

There are no effects on taste either. No sugar chocolate with natural stevia tastes as smooth and delicious as traditional chocolate.  It is the same silky, heavenly, bliss, perfect with a cup of tea, chocolate taste that we love AND NO SUGAR – how irresistible is that!


Our favourite chocolate gift hampers ideas are:

We’ve included Cavalier chocolate in many of our hampers. Here are our favourites.


  • Sparkling Celebration Hamper – The sparkling white wine (non-alcoholic) in this hamper makes it perfect as a birthday gift or anniversary present. As well as no sugar chocolates, there’s also no sugar ginger biscuits, peppermints, ginger biscuits and citrus drops to savour.
  • Sugar Free Selection Box – Know someone with a sweet tooth who deserves a little pampering, or maybe a pick-me-up? This diabetic-friendly hamper features white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate as well as many other sugar free sweet treats.
  • Christmas Delights Hamper Looking for a hamper to send to family as a little treat at Christmas time? Our Christmas Delights Hamper includes delicious chocolates, sugar free sweets, smoked cheeses, salmon and much more. Always a hit.


At Diabetic Hampers, you also have the option to create your own hamper to really add a personalized feel to any gift.

Choose the size and style of the hamper and then fill it with goodies that your close friend or family member is sure to love; it is a great way to share this delicious no sugar chocolate.

To browse the entire diabetic hamper range and order online, please visit Diabetic Hampers or call 01360 440066.





Jasmine Waheed