Six reasons to give a healthy gift hamper this Christmas

Wow, more socks. You really shoudn't have.

“Wow, more socks. You really shouldn’t have. Really.”

Wow, more socks. You really shoudn't have.

Save yourself those cringe-worthy moments this year and buy a gift that is thoughtful and delicious.

Here are six great reasons why our healthy hampers are the answer to all your Christmas gift woes:

1. You’re busy

Your time is precious. Don’t spend it aimlessly wandering round shops and browsing websites. Our range of high-quality low sugar, low GI foods, hand packed to your order, means you can create a personalised gift in a few short minutes. So you don’t have to get frustrated with Christmas before it even happens.

2. Trust us

We work hard to source the highest quality diabetic foods for our gift hampers and take real pride in creating a quality-led hamper collection.

3. High-quality foods with an international reputation

We support producers who develop their foods in close relationship with diabetic groups and nutritionists.This means you get a choice of the best low GI and low sugar/no sugar foods for your gift hamper.

4. It’s all hand packed

No mass production, no machine-packed items. We’re a family business and pack every hamper to order which means every gift basket is as individual as your loved ones and work colleagues.

5. It shows you care

Giving someone such a personal gift as a hamper shows that you care. In just a few moments, you can choose all their favourite foods.

6. There may be other perks too.

Just maybe… if you give the most thoughtful present on Christmas day, you won’t need to do the washing up. You never know!

We really hope you love all the choices on our website. Why not buy your Christmas gift hamper today?


How to create a gift hamper suitable for diabetics

family picnic -

family picnic -

If you’re thinking about doing something extra special for your friends and family this Christmas, then personalized gift hampers are a great idea.

There is something wonderful about receiving a gift that you know has been put together with care and attention – just for you.

Food, after all, is an incredibly personal thing.

Think back to a memorable time with family and friends and it is likely to have involved eating at some point.

Food draws out the best conversations. It connects us though nourishment and the caring hands that deliver it.

We show how much we care by the food we deliver. And it is exactly the same when putting together a Christmas gift hamper.

At we hand pack all our hampers to order. This means we can add, take away and suggest any collections of food – quickly and easily – so that the person receiving your gift will be as happy as they can be.

A red gift box from

So where to start?

First pick your basket or box. We have baskets that take between 8 and 40 items.

Fancy something different? How about this funky red gift box?

Next, think of the types of food the person you are buying for likes to eat. Is there a theme?

Do they have a sweet tooth? Or perhaps a soft spot for pasta sauces?

Want to add more cheese? No problem. Or a healthy drink? We can do that!

Finally, tell us what you’d like us to include as your personal message. It can be as long or as short as you like.

Maybe a traditional Christmas greeting?

The gift of love. The gift of peace. The gift of happiness. May all these be yours at Christmas

Or perhaps something really personal. Our recent favourite was,

For all the times I meant to make you breakfast in bed!

Whatever you decide, you can be sure your hamper is a wonderfully personal gift that will make someone happy.

And you can’t get much better than that.

Let us know how you’ve personalised your Christmas hampers in the comments below.



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