Why DiabeticHampers.co.uk continues to be all about healthy eating

Nuts add a healthy crunch to porridge

In July 2016, Diabetes UK’s 30 year long campaign championing the importance of healthy eating with diabetes was victorious, resulting in specialist labels being removed from food and drink packaging.

Diabetes UK’s general healthy eating guidelines are to:

  • Eat plenty of vegetables
  • Have sufficient fibre in your diet
  • Cut down on sugar
  • Cut down on processed meat
  • Eat fish regularly
  • Cut down on energy dense, processed food – such as crisps, cakes, biscuits and pastries
  • Cut down on alcohol
  • Cut down on salty processed foods

Learn more here: http://www.diabetes.co.uk/diet/nhs-diet-advice.html

We are a company that specialises in giving food gifts; those little treats that are not eaten every day but bring pleasure.

We have a tradition of featuring food and drink from artisan producers who have a strong belief in using natural sweetness and locally-sourced ingredients. Their products are crafted for taste, not “special” diets.

Our aim has always been to create healthy hampers that enable you to be indulgent without the guilt.

This year, we have introduced a section on our website which includes the stories of many of the producers of our food and drinks so that you can see for yourself their commitment to healthy foods.

We hope you enjoy learning more about the food and drink featured in our hampers.

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