Pre-diabetes: know your chances and reduce your risk

apple heartAn estimated 7 million people in the UK has pre-diabetes – that’s 15% of the population. Most don’t know it. Happily, the condition is often reversible and it’s all to do with the foods you eat. Here’s what you need to do to reduce your risk.

Many people are totally unaware that they’ve developed pre-diabetes. Even more troubling is that if these people do not change their lifestyles they are likely to be developing type 2 diabetes in as little as five to ten years.

It is essential to take steps to reduce your pre-diabeties risk because pre-diabetes is reversible. Type 2 diabetes is not.

What is pre-diabeties?

Like diabetes, pre-diabetes occurs when the body’s response to insulin is impaired. If you have pre-diabetes, you are said to have impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glucose. You may also be said to have ‘insulin resistance’; that is your body is less able to cope with carbohydrates than it will have once been.

Levels of blood glucose are higher than normal in pre-diabetes which indicates the body in failing to properly process glucose into energy. At this stage the readings are not yet high enough to be considered Type 2 diabetes, but they are cause for concern.

This is why it is often described as the “gray area” between normal blood sugar and diabetic levels. In the UK, around 7 million people are estimated to have prediabetes and thus have a high risk for developing type 2 diabetes

 What are the symptoms of pre-diabetes?

Here’s the problem; pre-diabetes does not usually display obvious symptoms, making it difficult for people to realise they already have it. In many cases, the sufferer only learns of their borderline diabetic state once the symptoms of type 2 diabetes start to appear.

Still, as this video by Diabetes UK shows, there are several warning signs that indicate it’s time to have a blood test.

Video: The symptoms of pre-diabetes by Diabetes UK (3.14 seconds)

How can I lower my risk of pre-diabetes and diabetes?


Get moving!

Regular physical activity can significantly reduce your diabetes risk.
When a research team at Harvard School of Public Health conducted a meta-analysis of ten studies they found that people who regularly exercised at a moderate intensity had a 31% reduction in their risk of type 2 diabetes, compared to those who did no exercise at all.

Small changes, like walking to work or taking the stairs rather than the lift, can make big changes too. The same Harvward study found that people who walked briskly for at least two and a half hours every week had a 30% lower chance of developing diabetes than those who hardly walked at all.

Interestingly, these findings were not only similar for men and women, but also entirely independent of the people’s weight.


Change the way you eat

Eating a balanced diet plays an important part in reducing your risk of pre-diabetes, as do the types of food you’re eating.

Fill up on vegetables and wholegrain and limit energy-dense foods and drinks like cakes and soft drinks as treats. Try no sugar and low sugar treats as an alternatives like the ones we include in our diabetic hampers.

Eat more oily fish, limit processed meats and snack on nuts. Studies show that women who eat around 25g of nuts every day enjoy a 27% lower risk of diabetes, compared with women who rarely ate nuts.

Try to include more diabetes-friendly recipes in your diet.


Take all this advice on board, and visit the Diabetes UK website for more information and you will successfully reduce your pre-diabetes.

Happy eating.

Diabetic friendly hampers under £35 for Christmas 2014

Diabetic friendly healthy treats hamper

Healthy Christmas hampers are all the range this year and you no longer need to pay excessive costs for an impressive and thoughtful gift. Here are some of our tastiest diabetic friendly Christmas hampers – all priced at less than £35. Take a look and order your low sugar/no sugar diabetic friendly Christmas hamper today.

 The Sparkling Celebration Christmas Hamper

There is nothing “bah humbug” about the Sparkling Celebrations Christmas hamper which includes sparkling white wine (alcohol free), delicious Thorntons Diabetic Chocolate Mint Truffles, Simpkins Sugar free Citrus Selection and Peppermints and Dormens Luxury Mixed Nuts – a perfect accompaniment to Christmas Day.

Afternoon Tea Hamper

Diabetic Friendly Afternoon Tea HamperDelight your favourite tea drinker with everything they will need to relax and enjoy the perfect cuppa. The Afternoon Tea Hamper combines the superb flavours of Clipper Organic English Breakfast tea bags with diabetic chocolates, jams and other tasty treats,

Healthy Treats Hamper

Diabetic friendly healthy treats hamper

Reinvigorate your taste buds with the  enriching tastes of juicy apricots, crunchy popcorn and refreshing Pomegranate and Green Tea Juice. Just a few of the treats in the Healthy Treats hamper – the perfect alternative to Christmas excess and well suited for anyone following a low sugar, low carb diet.

Sugar Free Selection Box

Sugar Free Sweet Selection Box
Sugar Free Sweet Selection Box

The Sugar Free Selection Box is a great selection of six different types of sugar free sweets as well as sugar free white & dark chocolate. The perfect accompaniment to the Queen’s Speech and Christmas Day film.


Personalise your gift

Because we hand pack our hampers to order you can add a little something to make it extra special. And remember, let us know what you’d like written on the personalised card too.


We can send any of these Christmas hampers within the UK and overseas. Find out more about last shipping dates here.

If substitutions are required we will ensure that they are to the same (or higher) value and compliment your original selection.

If you have any special requests please do not hesitate to call us on 01360 440066.


and the Diabetic Hamper team

Order your diabetic friendly hamper in time for Christmas 2014

Savoury Feast Gift Box

You’ve got a lot on, so here’s a quick reminder of our last order dates.

To ensure your hamper gift arrives in time for Christmas, please get in touch by the following dates.

These dates are meant as guidelines and are subject to stock availability.

Last order dates in December

Any questions? My team and I are always happy to help. You can view our range of diabetic friendly Christmas hampers here.

Kind regards,

Lee and the Diabetic Hampers team

Healthy diabetic friendly gifts for Christmas 2014

Whisky Celebration Gift Box

Forget expensive perfume and the latest gizmo, edible Christmas gifts continue to be popular this Christmas, with particular focus on healthy treats. If you’re not sure what to get friends and family who have diabetes, here’s a great choice of low GI and low or no sugar bakes, sweet treats and chutneys  – all with the great taste of home cooking.

Add a stylish basket or box and a personalised message and you’ve a thoughtful and tasty gift in just a few minutes.

So while supermarkets stock up on jam-making kits and storage jars in expectation of a Christmas rush, you’ve the perfect way to give your family and friends edible diabetic friendly gifts … without having to do any washing up.

Luxury Christmas Hamper
Luxury Diabetic Friendly Christmas Hamper

Popular gifts expected to be given this Christmas include sweets, chutneys, jams and drinks. We have sourced them all.

Most importantly of all, our low sugar/no sugar foods have been chosen because they taste good.

No sugar Christmas PuddingIf you are looking for a gift for people specifically for Christmas Day – something that might make the day a little easier or provide a special treat, try our no added sugar Christmas pudding.

Bonne Nouvelle alcoholfree
Bonne Nouvelle alcohol free


Healthy Taste Lemonade
Healthy Taste Lemonade

Christmas is just not the same without a little fizz, This is non-alcoholic for those following a low sugar, no sugar diet. Or why not try this refreshing lemonade.


Diabetic friendly Handmade Strawberry Jam
Diabetic friendly Handmade Strawberry Jam

Jams are great Christmas pressies as they will last in the cupboard for a while. Take this handmade strawberry jam – perfect on toast.

Sugar Free Sweet Selection Box
Sugar Free Sweet Selection Box

And don’t forget the low sugar sweet treats!  This sugar free sweet selection box is a wonderfully gift.

Choose whether you’d like us to hand pack all your favourites in a traditional wicker basket or festive red box, select your preferred delivery date (we deliver Monday to Friday and you can book a date up to 6 months in advance!), write a few words we can include in the hamper, and that’s one more Christmas gift off the list.

And remember, no washing up!


Our best diabetic friendly hampers for Christmas 2014

Diabetic Food Mighty Hamper

Traditional Christmas foods are so rich that following a a low sugar, low carb diet can be a real challenge at this time of year. Treating someone to a diabetic friendly Christmas hamper shows not only that you understand, but that you care .

Our hampers are jam-packed with great diabetic-friendly alternatives so everyone can focus on having fun this Christmas.

Choosing a diabetic-friendly hamper couldn’t be simpler, Here is a quick our guide.

Christmas Hampers bursting with diabetic friendly goodies

Christmas can be especially stressful when following a low sugar/low carb diet as so many traditional dishes are far too rich. We’ve designed two  specially designed diabetic friendly Christmas hampers  full of delicious diabetic alternatives like “No added sugar Christmas Pudding”, the Thornton’s Diabetic Chocolates range and sensational handmade preserves. Knowing you’ve got tasty options can be a real weight off your mind.

Luxury Christmas Hamper
Luxury Christmas Hamper


Gluten free gifts for Families and Large Groups

Christmas time is when families and friends gather together and our Mighty Hamper selection  has been designed for just these occasions. Impressively large and full of diabetic friendly treats for all tastes, they are sure to make everyone happy. The Mighty Hamper even includes sparkling white wine (alcohol free) so Christmas can begin with a bang.


 Mighty Hamper
Mighty Hamper

Indulge in sweet flavours

If you are looking for a diabetic-friendly gift for someone with a sweet tooth, take a look at our Sugar Free Selection Box. Filled with diabetic friendly chocolates and sugar free sweets, this is sure to make someone with a sweet tooth smile.


Sugar Free Sweet Selection Box
Sugar Free Sweet Selection Box

Is savoury what you are looking for?

How about our Savoury Feast and Savoury Treats gift boxes featuring delicious soups, sauces, pate, crackers and cheese, plus irresistible nibbles like lemon and chilli hummus crisps.


Savoury Feast Gift Box
Savoury Feast Gift Box

Diabetic-friendly indulgence

It is still possible to have a little bit of what you fancy when following a low sugar/low carb diet and since it’s a time to celebrate, take a look at our Sparkling Celebration and Whisky Celebration hampers. It is Christmas, after all.


Whisky Celebration Gift Box
Whisky Celebration Gift Box

Celebrate a special time

Sometimes it is just lovely to share simple pleasures like Afternoon Tea, or  Breakfast in Bed.


Breakfast in Bed gift box
Breakfast in Bed gift box

Still not found what you are looking for? Then create your own. We can help.

We offer a complete “create your own gluten free hamper service”. In four easy steps you can create a unique and personal gift hamper.

Any questions, please get in touch.

Merry Christmas