Order your diabetic friendly hamper in time for Christmas 2014

Savoury Feast Gift Box

You’ve got a lot on, so here’s a quick reminder of our last order dates.

To ensure your hamper gift arrives in time for Christmas, please get in touch by the following dates.

These dates are meant as guidelines and are subject to stock availability.

Last order dates in December

Any questions? My team and I are always happy to help. You can view our range of diabetic friendly Christmas hampers here.

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Lee and the Diabetic Hampers team

Healthy diabetic friendly gifts for Christmas 2014

Whisky Celebration Gift Box

Forget expensive perfume and the latest gizmo, edible Christmas gifts continue to be popular this Christmas, with particular focus on healthy treats. If you’re not sure what to get friends and family who have diabetes, here’s a great choice of low GI and low or no sugar bakes, sweet treats and chutneys  – all with the great taste of home cooking.

Add a stylish basket or box and a personalised message and you’ve a thoughtful and tasty gift in just a few minutes.

So while supermarkets stock up on jam-making kits and storage jars in expectation of a Christmas rush, you’ve the perfect way to give your family and friends edible diabetic friendly gifts … without having to do any washing up.

Luxury Christmas Hamper
Luxury Diabetic Friendly Christmas Hamper

Popular gifts expected to be given this Christmas include sweets, chutneys, jams and drinks. We have sourced them all.

Most importantly of all, our low sugar/no sugar foods have been chosen because they taste good.

No sugar Christmas PuddingIf you are looking for a gift for people specifically for Christmas Day – something that might make the day a little easier or provide a special treat, try our no added sugar Christmas pudding.

Bonne Nouvelle alcoholfree
Bonne Nouvelle alcohol free


Healthy Taste Lemonade
Healthy Taste Lemonade

Christmas is just not the same without a little fizz, This is non-alcoholic for those following a low sugar, no sugar diet. Or why not try this refreshing lemonade.


Diabetic friendly Handmade Strawberry Jam
Diabetic friendly Handmade Strawberry Jam

Jams are great Christmas pressies as they will last in the cupboard for a while. Take this handmade strawberry jam – perfect on toast.

Sugar Free Sweet Selection Box
Sugar Free Sweet Selection Box

And don’t forget the low sugar sweet treats!  This sugar free sweet selection box is a wonderfully gift.

Choose whether you’d like us to hand pack all your favourites in a traditional wicker basket or festive red box, select your preferred delivery date (we deliver Monday to Friday and you can book a date up to 6 months in advance!), write a few words we can include in the hamper, and that’s one more Christmas gift off the list.

And remember, no washing up!


Our best diabetic friendly hampers for Christmas 2014

Diabetic Food Mighty Hamper

Traditional Christmas foods are so rich that following a a low sugar, low carb diet can be a real challenge at this time of year. Treating someone to a diabetic friendly Christmas hamper shows not only that you understand, but that you care .

Our hampers are jam-packed with great diabetic-friendly alternatives so everyone can focus on having fun this Christmas.

Choosing a diabetic-friendly hamper couldn’t be simpler, Here is a quick our guide.

Christmas Hampers bursting with diabetic friendly goodies

Christmas can be especially stressful when following a low sugar/low carb diet as so many traditional dishes are far too rich. We’ve designed two  specially designed diabetic friendly Christmas hampers  full of delicious diabetic alternatives like “No added sugar Christmas Pudding”, the Thornton’s Diabetic Chocolates range and sensational handmade preserves. Knowing you’ve got tasty options can be a real weight off your mind.

Luxury Christmas Hamper
Luxury Christmas Hamper


Gluten free gifts for Families and Large Groups

Christmas time is when families and friends gather together and our Mighty Hamper selection  has been designed for just these occasions. Impressively large and full of diabetic friendly treats for all tastes, they are sure to make everyone happy. The Mighty Hamper even includes sparkling white wine (alcohol free) so Christmas can begin with a bang.


 Mighty Hamper
Mighty Hamper

Indulge in sweet flavours

If you are looking for a diabetic-friendly gift for someone with a sweet tooth, take a look at our Sugar Free Selection Box. Filled with diabetic friendly chocolates and sugar free sweets, this is sure to make someone with a sweet tooth smile.


Sugar Free Sweet Selection Box
Sugar Free Sweet Selection Box

Is savoury what you are looking for?

How about our Savoury Feast and Savoury Treats gift boxes featuring delicious soups, sauces, pate, crackers and cheese, plus irresistible nibbles like lemon and chilli hummus crisps.


Savoury Feast Gift Box
Savoury Feast Gift Box

Diabetic-friendly indulgence

It is still possible to have a little bit of what you fancy when following a low sugar/low carb diet and since it’s a time to celebrate, take a look at our Sparkling Celebration and Whisky Celebration hampers. It is Christmas, after all.


Whisky Celebration Gift Box
Whisky Celebration Gift Box

Celebrate a special time

Sometimes it is just lovely to share simple pleasures like Afternoon Tea, or  Breakfast in Bed.


Breakfast in Bed gift box
Breakfast in Bed gift box

Still not found what you are looking for? Then create your own. We can help.

We offer a complete “create your own gluten free hamper service”. In four easy steps you can create a unique and personal gift hamper.

Any questions, please get in touch.

Merry Christmas


Gift hampers for dads with diabetes on Father’s Day

Diabetic mighty hamper

Now that your dad is watching what he eats, wouldn’t it be great to give him a gift hamper that will work with his diabetes, not against it?

Giving your dad a diabetic hamper, or creating a diabetic hamper filled with his favourite foods, will give you the confidence that your Father’s Day gift will support his healthy eating. And show how much you care too.

Here are a few diabetic gift ideas for your dad this Father’s Day.

Mighty Diabetic Hampers
Our Mighty Hamper is brimming with sugar free treats. At its centre is Bonne Nouvelle sparkling white wine (alcohol free) which has crisp fruit flavours and is perfect as an aperitif, or served with snacks or fruit desserts. Dig further and discover the chewy loveliness of the Thornton’s Caramel and Fudge selection and white and milk chocolate bars. Brighten up breakfast with handmade jam and marmalade, and for a mid-morning nibble there are chocolate chip cookies and ginger biscuits. Among the 20 items crammed into the deep wicker basket enjoy fruity apple crisps, organic popcorn, mixed nuts, and lots more.

Diabetic Savoury Feast Gift Box HamperIf savoury treats are more to your dad’s taste, we’ve designed the Savoury Feast Gift Box just for him. Presented in a smart, bright red box, treats include smoked cheeses, salmon terrine, soups and pasta meals, breakfast staples and a tasty selection of low sugar and low GI snacks and nibbles.

No Sugar Sweet SelectionDads with a sweet tooth would love our Sugar Free Selection Box, which includes a collection of decadent chocolate and tempting sweeties.

You can see out entire range of diabetic hampers here.

Or if there is a certain treats that your dad just adores why not create your own Father’s Day Gift Hamper. Simply follow four quick steps on our website to choose all his favourites. http://www.diabetichampers.co.uk/create-your-own-hamper/

Showing this much thought could really make you his favourite this year! Order now and choose when you’d like your gift to be delivered. Don’t forget to add a personalised card too.


Help us support juvenile diabetes research

"The summit of Mount Kilimanjaro" by Marc van der Chijs

"The summit of Mount Kilimanjaro" by Marc van der ChijsUPDATED: This fundraiser is now closed.

Being a mum has its highs and lows, but nothing prepares you if your child is diagnosed with diabetes. Ruth’s son Ben was diagnosed at 18 months. Now six, he wants to know when there will be a cure. Ruth doesn’t know, but inspired by Ben, she’s climbing Mt Kilmanjaro to raise funds for diabetes research. Can you help?

Ruth’s sister Annie asked us the same question.

Could we help?

Without hesitation we provided a diabetic gift hamper as a raffle prize for one of their fundraising race nights. But we’d like to do more by raising the profile of their great cause.

Ruth Elliot and her family face a difficult daily fight treating Ben’s type 1 diabetes. On June 14th 2014 Ruth will climb the 19,000-plus foot high Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Ruth has posted an emotional video telling young Ben’s story. Watch it and try not to be moved to tears.

Ben developed the condition when he was only 18 months old.

Ruth said: “In October 2008 Ben contracted a vomiting bug and was rushed to hospital.

“We were told his pancreas was no longer functioning and he couldn’t produce insulin.

“Some kids don’t make it past diagnosis and those that do need injections, blood tests, food weighing and calculating.

“We battle constantly to keep Ben’s blood sugar at a normal level as at the worst too low or high levels could be life-threatening.

“We live in constant fear that failure to control Ben’s disease will result in long term damage like blindness or kidney failure.

“Everything we eat and even changes in the weather can affect Ben’s blood sugar levels.

“At school Ben has a dedicated one to one worker to help him with all aspects of his diabetes.

“As a family we don’t let Ben’s diabetes stop him doing anything.

“His brothers are very supportive and a great help in allowing Ben to do normal childhood things.”

The JDRF fund all major diabetes research programmes and Ruth has raised cash for the charity before by taking part in the Glasgow half marathon and a parachute jump.

But the Kilimanjaro trek marks her biggest challenge yet.

Ruth said: “Ben asked me recently when the doctors would find a cure for his diabetes, I answered honestly – I don’t know and it might not be until he is very grown up.

“Ben responded saying ‘mummy if we keep raising money they might not manage to cure me but they might at least stop my children or other wee boys or girls from getting it’.

“We will never stop trying to find a cure and every day Ben climbs mountains so that acted as inspiration for my decision to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to help him and the thousands of other children with type 1 diabetes.

“I haven’t done any serious climbing and we only do a bit of hillwalking as a family.

“But I am intending to do a lot more this year, hopefully bagging a good few Munros before my trip.

“It will be a challenge but well worth the effort to raise as much as possible for the JDRF.”

Image credit: “The summit of Mount Kilimanjaro” by Marc van der Chijs via Flickr