How to make a healthy Christmas food hamper the easy way

Hampers delivered UK and Europe

Savoury-Feast-HamperImagine the magical feeling of opening the door and being given a festive Christmas hamper filled with all your favourite things.

Making this happen for a friend or loved one is not as hard as you might think because we hand pack hampers to order.  


To make a hamper and have it seamlessly delivered, simply tell us exactly what you want in it.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Fill it with healthy treats:

We feature lots of tasty treats in our food and drinks section, including some of our healthy food swaps (link to healthy treats article) Most are produced by enterprises celebrated for their commitment to wholesome products. Take a look.

Don’t forget the fizz:

A bottle of wine or champagne in a food hamper always goes down well, but you don’t need to stick with the standard. Our non-alcoholic sparkling wine contains natural sugars and is deliciously refreshing too.

If you’re looking for something completely different, the Posh Pop range has fabulous flavour combinations with spring water as their base. The drinks are inspired by their grandmother’s recipes and are bursting with flavour.

Add some style:

Choose from traditional wicker baskets in a range of sizes or festive red gift boxes that hold up to 12 items. They look wonderful under the Christmas tree. Shrink wrap keeps your chosen food and drink in perfect position and a ribbon adds a final flourish.

A little personal touch:

All our hampers include a personal note. All you need to do is decide is what message you’d like to put on it.

Book your delivery date – up to 6 months in advance

That’s right. You could have your Christmas shopping finished by August. Simply choose the delivery date at checkout.

Any questions, please get in touch.

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Why continues to be all about healthy eating

Nuts add a healthy crunch to porridge

In July 2016, Diabetes UK’s 30 year long campaign championing the importance of healthy eating with diabetes was victorious, resulting in specialist labels being removed from food and drink packaging.

Diabetes UK’s general healthy eating guidelines are to:

  • Eat plenty of vegetables
  • Have sufficient fibre in your diet
  • Cut down on sugar
  • Cut down on processed meat
  • Eat fish regularly
  • Cut down on energy dense, processed food – such as crisps, cakes, biscuits and pastries
  • Cut down on alcohol
  • Cut down on salty processed foods

Learn more here:

We are a company that specialises in giving food gifts; those little treats that are not eaten every day but bring pleasure.

We have a tradition of featuring food and drink from artisan producers who have a strong belief in using natural sweetness and locally-sourced ingredients. Their products are crafted for taste, not “special” diets.

Our aim has always been to create healthy hampers that enable you to be indulgent without the guilt.

This year, we have introduced a section on our website which includes the stories of many of the producers of our food and drinks so that you can see for yourself their commitment to healthy foods.

We hope you enjoy learning more about the food and drink featured in our hampers.

Got a question, please get in touch.

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Need a healthy gift for your dad this Father’s Day?

Too often, the pleasure of Father’s Day gifts are short-lived. With the Healthy Treats hamper, you’re giving a gift that he can savour throughout his special day.

Healthy Treats hamper by Healthy Treats gift hamper, designed by, is brimming with low sugar, low GI sweet and savoury treats for the entire day.

Sound too good to be true? We thought we’d put it to the test. Here’s our idea for a Healthy Father’s Day Treat.





Surprise your dad with a red gift box of health treats




Prepare a hearty bowl of porridge made with low fat milk or water and serve with Organic English Breakfast Tea.  Add berries as a natural sweetener or 1-2 tablespoons of chopped pecans, walnuts, or almonds to add protein and healthy fat, which can help stabilize blood sugar.




For morning tea, choose from Apple Crisps and Luxury Mixed Nuts with Cornish Sea Salt




Soup is the soul-soothing rain or shine and on his special day, your dad can choose from naturally sweet Carrot soup with a hint of coriander or a hearty medley of vegetables and pearl barley.


Add crunch with one or two Nairn oatcakes.


2.30pm : Popcorn. Simple.


5.30pm: Tantalise your dad’s taste buds with a passata and couscous dish. One of our favourite recipes is Moroccan Chickpea Stew (recipe here) Wash down with Posh Pop from Breckland Orchard.


10:30pm End of the day with a soothing Camomile Tea

Best thing of all, there are even more healthy treats in the hamper to enjoy the next day and the day after that.

You can find a complete listing of all the goodies in the Healthy Treat gift hamper and book delivery to his door today right here.

Need advice, call +44 (0) 1360 440066 or email



How customer feedback has changed

Stunning view near Endrick Trading officesThis may have been Diane’s view on the way into work this morning, but our team know that the hampers we pack every day make a huge difference around the world.
How? Because you tell us online and on the phone, and we are very grateful you do
Listening to your feedback has enabled us to become more responsive and
better value. We’ve learned what you need, what you’d like and how we can improve.
Customer feedback has recently changed Diabetic Hampers in three key ways and we’d like you to take a look, if you’ve a moment:

Cheaper delivery costs

The food and drink in our hampers are chosen because they are low in sugar and low in GI, but also because they are fresh, healthy – sometimes a little naughty too – and they taste great.
Preserving these tastes and textures means a quick, reliable delivery service is essential. Fortunately, as a result of our continued growth, we’ve been able to renegotiate our delivery costs in the UK and Europe and passed these savings back to you. Take a look.

More top quality no-added sugar and gourmet healthy foods

Only the tastiest food and drink makes it into our gift hampers. They must appeal to at least one of the six senses – eyes, ears, smell, taste, touch and
…joy (each hamper is a gift after all!)
That’s why we look to the producers who develop their foods in close partnership with nutritionists.
Take Cavalier Belgian Chocolatier who has pioneered the use of natural sweetener stevia in their chocolate. Their milk, dark and white chocolates are award-winning and tasty too.

It’s easier to talk to someone

We love a good blether, but some times during our busiest times, we’ve not been able to pick up the telephone as quickly as we would have liked. This year we have added new dedicated phone lines so talking to us is much easier, even during our busiest times
Our new (multi-line) telephone number is +44 (01360) 504253
SO keep in touch!

Six reasons to give a healthy gift hamper this Christmas

Wow, more socks. You really shoudn't have.

“Wow, more socks. You really shouldn’t have. Really.”

Wow, more socks. You really shoudn't have.

Save yourself those cringe-worthy moments this year and buy a gift that is thoughtful and delicious.

Here are six great reasons why our healthy hampers are the answer to all your Christmas gift woes:

1. You’re busy

Your time is precious. Don’t spend it aimlessly wandering round shops and browsing websites. Our range of high-quality low sugar, low GI foods, hand packed to your order, means you can create a personalised gift in a few short minutes. So you don’t have to get frustrated with Christmas before it even happens.

2. Trust us

We work hard to source the highest quality diabetic foods for our gift hampers and take real pride in creating a quality-led hamper collection.

3. High-quality foods with an international reputation

We support producers who develop their foods in close relationship with diabetic groups and nutritionists.This means you get a choice of the best low GI and low sugar/no sugar foods for your gift hamper.

4. It’s all hand packed

No mass production, no machine-packed items. We’re a family business and pack every hamper to order which means every gift basket is as individual as your loved ones and work colleagues.

5. It shows you care

Giving someone such a personal gift as a hamper shows that you care. In just a few moments, you can choose all their favourite foods.

6. There may be other perks too.

Just maybe… if you give the most thoughtful present on Christmas day, you won’t need to do the washing up. You never know!

We really hope you love all the choices on our website. Why not buy your Christmas gift hamper today?