How customer feedback has changed

Stunning view near Endrick Trading officesThis may have been Diane’s view on the way into work this morning, but our team know that the hampers we pack every day make a huge difference around the world.
How? Because you tell us online and on the phone, and we are very grateful you do
Listening to your feedback has enabled us to become more responsive and
better value. We’ve learned what you need, what you’d like and how we can improve.
Customer feedback has recently changed Diabetic Hampers in three key ways and we’d like you to take a look, if you’ve a moment:

Cheaper delivery costs

The food and drink in our hampers are chosen because they are low in sugar and low in GI, but also because they are fresh, healthy – sometimes a little naughty too – and they taste great.
Preserving these tastes and textures means a quick, reliable delivery service is essential. Fortunately, as a result of our continued growth, we’ve been able to renegotiate our delivery costs in the UK and Europe and passed these savings back to you. Take a look.

More top quality no-added sugar and gourmet healthy foods

Only the tastiest food and drink makes it into our gift hampers. They must appeal to at least one of the six senses – eyes, ears, smell, taste, touch and
…joy (each hamper is a gift after all!)
That’s why we look to the producers who develop their foods in close partnership with nutritionists.
Take Cavalier Belgian Chocolatier who has pioneered the use of natural sweetener stevia in their chocolate. Their milk, dark and white chocolates are award-winning and tasty too.

It’s easier to talk to someone

We love a good blether, but some times during our busiest times, we’ve not been able to pick up the telephone as quickly as we would have liked. This year we have added new dedicated phone lines so talking to us is much easier, even during our busiest times
Our new (multi-line) telephone number is +44 (01360) 504253
SO keep in touch!

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