Top food gifts for loved ones with diabetes this Christmas

Forget expensive perfume and the latest gizmo, edible festive gifts continue to be popular this Christmas – especially healthy hampers. So where do you begin when you’re wanting a healthy hamper for someone with diabetes?

With them, of course. They may be diabetic but diabetes will not have changed their love of food. Think of their favourite types of food – do they prefer sweet or savoury, for instance? Do they like celebrations perhaps or maybe a luxurious breakfast in bed?

And once you’ve gathered your ideas, turn to us. We are proud to be the only hamper company in the UK dedicated to creating diabetic-friendly hampers and if we’ve not got the gift you are looking for in our diabetic hamper range, then you can create your own from our selection of diabetic food and drink.

Have a look at our top food gifts for diabetics this Christmas and make sure you look out for added great Christmas SAVINGS too.

Is it best to choose diabetic food and drink?

There is some great tasting diabetic food and drink these days (labelled diabetic and no added sugar). Our hampers usually include a mixture of these and naturally healthy food and drink. Why? Because when you’re diabetic, you don’t necessarily want to be limited to diabetic-labelled food. Also, these naturally healthy foods are good for all of us too.


Healthy Treats (£26.95) Diabetic Healthy Treats Hamper

It’s a well-drilled family who gets the Christmas meal to the table on time so giving a gift selection of diabetic friendly healthy treats to help with hunger is a great gift.

This gorgeous red box is filled with popcorn, the 100% natural, low fat healthy snack, apricots which are a great source of vitamin C,  air-dried 100% apple crisps, nuts and selection of tea drinks which researchers believe may increase insulin activity.



Afternoon Tea (now £27.95)Diabetic-Afternoon-Tea-Hamper

Tea is one of the UK’s favourite drinks and research suggests it’s also a healthy too. As well as bringing a number of health benefits it has also believed to improve insulin sensitivity. This diabetic friendly Afternoon Tea hamper celebrates our love of afternoon tea with a selection of complimentary low sugar, low GI treats.






Diabetic Luxury Christmas HamperLuxury Christmas (now £124.95)

Christmas is a great time with family and friends. With a wealth of food available though, it can also be a trying time.

Control sugar levels and portions can be particularly difficult.

So for those of us for who willpower doesn’t come too easily, why not give them this luxury Christmas Hamper brimming with low sugar, low GI and naturally healthy treats.

Even a no sugar Christmas pudding.




This is just our top tips – there are more great diabetic friendly gift ideas on our site. And more Christmas savings too.

Any questions, we’re always happy to help.

PS A great little stress reliever

It is worth mentioning that you can order your hamper today and pick a delivery date any time you want before Christmas.

Perhaps you are staying with friends for the festivities and you’d like a gift hamper to arrive at their home in preparation for your stay? Or maybe life is simply too chaotic before the holidays and you’d like the peace of mind that your gifts to family and friends have been arranged in advance for delivery at the right time.

Whatever the circumstances, being able to order your hamper today and choosing when it is delivered is a great little stress reliever.



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