How customer feedback has changed Diabetic Hampers

Stunning view near Endrick Trading officesThis may have been Diane’s view on the way into work this morning, but our team know that the hampers we pack every day make a huge difference around the world.
How? Because you tell us online and on the phone, and we are very grateful you do
Listening to your feedback has enabled us to become more responsive and
better value. We’ve learned what you need, what you’d like and how we can improve.
Customer feedback has recently changed Diabetic Hampers in three key ways and we’d like you to take a look, if you’ve a moment:

Cheaper delivery costs

The food and drink in our hampers are chosen because they are low in sugar and low in GI, but also because they are fresh, healthy – sometimes a little naughty too – and they taste great.
Preserving these tastes and textures means a quick, reliable delivery service is essential. Fortunately, as a result of our continued growth, we’ve been able to renegotiate our delivery costs in the UK and Europe and passed these savings back to you. Take a look.

More top quality no-added sugar and gourmet healthy foods

Only the tastiest food and drink makes it into our gift hampers. They must appeal to at least one of the six senses – eyes, ears, smell, taste, touch and
…joy (each hamper is a gift after all!)
That’s why we look to the producers who develop their foods in close partnership with nutritionists.
Take Cavalier Belgian Chocolatier who has pioneered the use of natural sweetener stevia in their chocolate. Their milk, dark and white chocolates are award-winning and tasty too.

It’s easier to talk to someone

We love a good blether, but some times during our busiest times, we’ve not been able to pick up the telephone as quickly as we would have liked. This year we have added new dedicated phone lines so talking to us is much easier, even during our busiest times
Our new (multi-line) telephone number is +44 (01360) 504253
SO keep in touch!

Six reasons to give a diabetic gift hamper this Christmas

Wow, more socks. You really shoudn't have.

“Wow, more socks. You really shouldn’t have. Really.”

Wow, more socks. You really shoudn't have.

Save yourself those cringe-worthy moments this year and buy a gift that is thoughtful and delicious.

Here are six great reasons why our diabetic hampers are the answer to all your Christmas gift woes:

1. You’re busy

Your time is precious. Don’t spend it aimlessly wandering round shops and browsing websites. Our range of high-quality diabetic foods, hand packed to your order, means you can create a personalised gift in a few short minutes. So you don’t have to get frustrated with Christmas before it even happens.

2. Trust us

We work hard to source the highest quality diabetic foods for our gift hampers and take real pride in creating a quality-led hamper collection.

3. High-quality foods with an international reputation

We support producers who develop their foods in close relationship with diabetic groups and nutritionists.This means you get a choice of the best low GI and low sugar/no sugar foods for your gift hamper.

4. It’s all hand packed

No mass production, no machine-packed items. We’re a family business and pack every hamper to order which means every gift basket is as individual as your loved ones and work colleagues.

5. It shows you care

Giving someone such a personal gift as a hamper shows that you care. In just a few moments, you can choose all their favourite foods.

6. There may be other perks too.

Just maybe… if you give the most thoughtful present on Christmas day, you wont need to do the washing up. You never know!
We really hope you love all the choices on our website. Why not buy your Christmas gift hamper today?


Last minute birthday ideas for diabetics


If you’ve only just remembered your friend or loved one’s birthday is coming up, don’t worry. With the hectic pace of everyday life, important dates can so easily slip by and it is still possible to get something thoughtful in time to save face.

Steer clear of those impersonal last minute gifts. That is not likely to put you back in the good books. Diabetic Food Hampers has the ideal birthday hamper just for you. Luckily, it can be delivered to the door, complete with a personal message, by the next day when you order before 1pm.

Diabetic Food Sparkling Celebration HamperInside the Sparkling Celebration Hamper you’ll find a bottle of mousseux* sparkling wine to toast the turning of another year, plus a gorgeous selection of sweet and savoury treats carefully picked from our favourite diabetic-friendly food and drink including no added sugar diabetic chocolates, a selection of sugar free sweets, pistachios and no added sugar ginger biscuits.

At Diabetic Hampers, you also have the option to create your own hamper to really add a personalised feel to any gift.

Choose the size and style of the hamper and then fill it with goodies that your close friend or family member of the gift is sure to love; it is a great way to make up for a potentially forgotten birthday and to demonstrate a lot of thought and sentiment.

To browse the entire and order online, please visit or call 01360 440066.





*”Mousseux” is a French term used to refer to sparkling wine not made in the Champagne region


Delicious Diabetic-Friendly Chocolate Gift Ideas

cavalier-no-sugar-dark-chocolate-with stevia
cavalier-no-sugar-dark-chocolate-with stevia
Cavalier no sugar dark chocolate with stevia featured in our Christmas Delights Hamper

Being diagnosed with diabetes doesn’t mean you must avoid chocolate.

You just need to be a little more careful about the type and portion size you eat to soothe your sweet-tooth cravings.

With this in mind, our diabetic hampers team has taken great care to choose a selection of diabetic-friendly chocolates that taste delicious – and have none of those potential side effects.


Chocolate sweetened with natural Stevia contains no sugar

Since 2012, it has been possible to made chocolate using a natural sweetener called Stevia as a replacement to sugar. Stevia comes from the herb stevia rebaudiana and you can even grow it in in your own garden. It is widely used as a sweetener around the world and it is safe for diabetics, according to Diabetics UK and additional studies.

For instance, the effect of steviol glycosides, isolated from Stevia rebaudiana, in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics was evaluated in a study published in 2008 in the “Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology” journal. The results showed that post-treatment blood glucose levels were not significantly different from baseline measurements in the groups that were given stevia. Additionally, stevia was well tolerated by the subjects and had no side effects. (Taken from Can Diabetics Eat Stevia? By Amber Olson)

There are no effects on taste either. No sugar chocolate with natural Stevia tastes as smooth and delicious as traditional chocolate
We’ve sourced diabetic-friendly white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate since everyone has their favourite!

Diabetic-friendly chocolate gift hampers

Chocolate features in 8 of our diabetic hampers . Our top favourites are:

Diabetic Friendly Sparkling Celebration HamperSparkling Celebration Hamper

The sparkling white wine (non-alcoholic) in this hamper makes it perfect as a birthday gift or anniversary present. As well as no sugar chocolates, there’s also no sugar ginger biscuits, peppermints, ginger biscuits and citrus drops to savour.



Sugar-Free Selection Box

Sugar Free Sweet Selection Box
Sugar Free Sweet Selection Box

Know someone with a sweet tooth who deserves a little pampering, or maybe a pick-me-up? This diabetic-friendly hamper features white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate as well as many other sugar free sweet treats.




Mighty Hamper

Diabetic Food Mighty Hamper
Mighty Hamper

Looking for a hamper to send to family as a little treat at Christmas time? Our Christmas Delights Hamper includes delicious chocolates, sugar free sweets, smoked cheeses, salmon and much more. Always a hit.






At Diabetic Hampers, you also have the option to create your own hamper to really add a personalised feel to any gift.

Choose the size and style of the hamper and then fill it with goodies that your close friend or family member is sure to love; it is a great way to share this delicious no sugar chocolate.

To browse the entire diabetic hamper range and order online, please visit Diabetic Hampers or call 01360 440066.





Diabetic-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Hamper ideas

Mother's Day Gifts

If your Mother is diabetic, a food hamper might not be the first gift idea to come to mind.  You’ll know that, when you’ve diabetes, it can sometimes seem difficult to know what to eat.

The thing is, our team know that too, which is why we’ve designed a range of diabetic-friendly hampers that help reduce the challenges of following a healthy diet. Each hamper includes a carefully chosen selection of food and drink that are low in carbohydrates and low in sugar without compromising on taste.

Take a look at these gorgeous Mother’s Day gift ideas.  Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, 6th March and our last order date is Wednesday 2nd March.


Afternoon Tea - Diabetic HampersFor Mothers who enjoy Afternoon Tea

If your mother enjoys sharing afternoon tea with friends, add a little extra zing to the occasion with Refreshing, Sicilian lemonade sweetened with grape juice rather than sugar; Viennese Shorties, ginger biscuits and strawberry jam with reduced sugars, plus low sugar Thornton’s chocolates. It will be sure the impress.

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For Mothers who love lazy morningsBreakfast in Bed by Diabetic Hampers

Even though you might not be on hand to serve, treat your Mother to a deliciously healthy breakfast in bed. She can choose from pure oats muesli with cranberries, handmade reduced sugar strawberry jam and reduced sugar orange marmalade, as well as delicious, nutritious raw breakfast bars by Nakd . There are also hot and cold refreshments. Organic English breakfast tea for the traditional and refreshing Pomegranate and Green Tea for those looking for a burst antioxidants. A great way to start the day.


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Sugar Free Sweet Selection by Diabetic HampersFor Mothers with a sweet tooth

Having diabetes doesn’t mean you have to cut sugar out of your diet completely. Just choose your sweeties with care.  After much trial and error, well-known brands have perfected reduced sugar varieties of our favourite sweets and chocolates..

This hamper features nine different varieties of no added sugar chocolates, toffees, citrus chews, Turkish delight and sugar-free fruit drops. Simply delicious.


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Healthy Treats by Diabetic HampersFor Mothers who like Healthy Treats

If your mother likes to snack during the day, these naturally healthy treats are a great choice. Sweet apple crisps, mixed nuts, stuffed olives, crunchy popcorn, and velvety smooth apricots, as well as a choice of two teas which are known to have many health benefits including improving insulin sensitivity. Eating well shouldn’t taste this good.


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Reliable and Fast Delivery

Our team is on hand to careful pack your Mother’s Day hamper, add your personal message and deliver it to an address in the UK and Europe on a date of your choosing.

Take a look at our entire diabetic hamper range here, or why not create your own hamper?

Happy Mother’s Day

Lee and the team